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Corporate Catering With Wicked Whisk

Our Wicked Whisk Corporate Catering services will help ease the burden for you when ordering catering for the office or an offsite company event.

Choose any items from our sample menu items or simply tell us what food items you would like and we will make it happen. Stop ordering from the same chain-restaurants and start ordering food that will make you, your employees, and your clients stop and say “WOW”.

Reasons to choose Wicked Whisk Catering over anyone else:

Our menu is endless so everyone gets exactly what they are craving
Our food is prepared by our award winning chefs – not part time employees
We bring the catering to wherever your function is, just leave it in our capable hands.
We provide better products for about the same price
No excuses – Our team is committed to making sure you get EXACTLY what you want

PERHAPS YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO BEGIN? Wicked Whisk is here to guide you through each stage of the planning process for your event. Let us help you by calling us today! 

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